China logistics running tends to accelerate in the third quarter before recovery

News Service, October 28    China's logistics and purchasing associations, according to new statistics released by the China logistics information center tonight, former logistics operation in China tends to accelerate recovery in the third quarter.
total social logistics of 69.41 trillion yuan in the first three quarter, fell 3.3 per cent growth by a quarter, to 2%, reversing the downward momentum. Reflected the demand for logistics investment and economic growth driven by the pace of the rebound has been accelerated. Before
logistics material has also gradually picked up momentum in the third quarter. The first three quarters, domestic freight volumes, cargo turnover, total port cargo throughput growth respectively, and 5% and 6.1%, respectively three, 1.6 and 3.5% higher than the first half. Especially in September container throughput rose 0.3%, containing eight consecutive months of decline, to achieve positive growth for the first time this year. Air cargo traffic to enter faster growth in the third quarter, international route freight volume is turned up. Courier business volume totaled 1.34 billion, an increase of 22.4%.
statistics show Chinese total social logistics costs continue to reduce debt to GDP ratio, value added logistics industry recovered faster, logistics industry's fixed asset investment continued to grow substantially.
prospect of logistics operation this year, experts say, from the manufacturing purchasing managers ' index (PMI), in September was 54.3%, has been more than seven months at 50%, and hit a 17-month high, predicted the national economy will continue to accelerate recovery. Logistics operation to speed up the recovery. Expected in 2009 total value of social logistics growth 6%, total logistics costs around 8%, logistics industry value added grew by about 5%, about 50% fixed investment growth of the logistics industry.
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