Inland port "gold" logistics enterprise focused national policy

began 35 years of inland port, is about to enter a substantive stage of development.

in yesterday's fourth global shipping Summit on maritime logistics to discuss matchmaking, the Chinese Communist Party Xian Qiang Xiaoan, Deputy Secretary of the work Committee, international port district to the CBN reporter, 17 as a national approved customs bonded logistics center (b), XI ' an international zone at the end of this year, "closed".

participants in a number of business leaders, which most attract them inland to the low cost and States from secondary clearance policies, State by compressing intermediaries to accelerate the development of the logistics industry is the pace.

export Western Front

had just heard the news of the fourth party logistics Group Chairman Xu Shouzhen, rushed out of the Hall, giving their partners a call. "Hold on to check the situation of bonded logistics center in XI ' an, it's very suitable for our investment. "

Xu Shouzhen said in an interview with CBN reporter, at present, the Group has started to stare the traffic hub of Zhengzhou, Xian as Northwest strategy and transit points, if there are any policy support, would also have advantages.

national tax Logistics Center (type b), means that the cities away from the coast, could really have their own customs and institutions, enterprises in the local customs, significant savings in logistics transportation intermediaries are a waste of money and time. This substantial progress, inland port brings not only a large number of logistics business, as well as more manufacturing projects, logistics must be supporting the construction of the financial system.

"at present, Tianjin, Lianyungang, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Xian reached mutual recognition of customs bonded logistics center. "Qiang Xiaoan said in an interview with CBN," and through the establishment of bonded logistics center in Xian, Xian City, the adjustment of industrial structure, particularly the export-oriented economy is of great strategic significance. "

at the China international ocean shipping group co, Ltd CEO Kang Shuchun, the port is more than just a simple industry, also through the port's development, drive include banks, insurance and other financial systems upstream and downstream industry chain and logistics of the comprehensive, systematic project. Without water inland port with coastal port construction of the same purpose.

"the real significance of creating virtual dry port in XI ' an, as an important distribution base in Northwest China, is the use of XI ' an city, through the creation of logistics center drive on the logistics industry and raw materials, logistics, eventually led a vast industrial chain. "Kang Shuchun said.

logistics of new gold deposits

not only that, in the context of national advocates speeding up Western development, needs to give the West into substantive policies. Construction of the dry port, one of the real good policy is needed in some cities.

including Xu Shouzhen zainei of more than domestic logistics enterprise of head in accept CBN reporter interview Shi said, in coastal areas logistics market competition increasingly tragic of situation Xia, inland Hong Kong of rise, will became everyone scramble of new gold, and investment or not, most key of is see national whether can real will coastal port of clearance policy, and inland Hong Kong and coastal port of docking work fell to practice.

through the construction of inland dry port, logistics link shortening is manufactured goods to benefit directly, and bring costs down.

rail group expedition, General Manager of Dalian Kou Jinfu introduction inland port's biggest advantage is that, compared with the coastal and inland port labour costs, low land cost, only these two can reduce a lot of operational costs. However, mainland products wanted by sea in the past, must first be goods to the coastal port customs, handling the bidding process we wasted some time waiting for reply procedure before it can be shipped, too many intermediate links increased logistics costs.

"total logistics cost in China accounted for 18% of the total GDP, while in the United States, and Japan total logistics cost in developed countries accounted for only 8%. In other words, China's annual GDP loss of nearly 10% in terms of logistics systems are not perfect, that's logistics industry solutions can get into the top ten industry planning the main reason. "Kang Shuchun said.

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