Dai Dingyi logistics industry should permeate other areas of industry

SINA finance hearing   the afternoon of October 28 news th China international industrial competitiveness is Shanghai Forum, Vice President of the China Federation of logistics and purchasing said Dai Dingyi logistics industry should penetrate into the other nine industries, even affect commerce, agriculture in these areas, helping the transformation of traditional industry modernization, and enhance their competitiveness.
Dai Dingyi pointed out that China's high level of logistics, logistics is not flowing, customers are scattered, but logistics development level and the national level of economic development are basically the same and support the rapid growth of the national economy since China's reform and opening up, logistics infrastructure network system is formed.
"following the logistics revitalization plan announced, many people find it very surprising. In fact, I think this is the reflection on the development of China's manufacturing. "Think, made in China, lack of services to support China, must in the future through the development of the service sector to increase the GDP. He said professional logistics service development space is large, on their contribution to national economies most directly. Future nine professional logistics services in conjunction with other industry planning the deployment, enabled these industries to improve the logistics providers to implement.
Dai Dingyi pointed out, is a three-dimensional structure of logistics system in the future, can be divided into three layers. Bottom is the infrastructure, including transport facilities, ports, including some soft environment. The middle layer is built several platform services through consolidation of the General class, including rail transport, road transport, including express and so on.
he says on this platform to build more and more professional service system, these professional service system of core competence are doing all kinds of professional programme to help the manufacturing industry, agriculture, Commerce and industry transformation mode of operation and outsourcing jobs to relatively standardized second-story platform. If an operation is transport to the transport company, if it is a warehouse to warehouse companies. The third layer is the overall integration programme and control.
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