China logistics informatization ushered in a huge market opportunity

Xinhuanet, Shanghai, October 28 (reporter Pan Qing)-as the Chinese Government's "top ten industry restructuring and revitalization plan", China's logistics industry is facing rare opportunities for development, logistics information has also ushered in a huge market opportunity.
    This is the news from the recent "International Summit of the 2009 Asia logistics information" was informed. As being at the "2009 international logistics technology and transportation system exhibition in Asia," one of the events, the Summit attracted the attention of the industry.
    Vice President of the China Federation of logistics and purchasing said Dai Dingyi, in the huge market demand and positive promotion of macroeconomic policies, the logistics industry has developed into one of the most important industry in China's national economy. At present, although the global financial crisis has not yet subsided, but with China's economy to stabilise warming, the logistics industry will also appear "by the down-turn up" a welcome change.
    Dai Dingyi, Executive meeting of the State Council examined and approved in principle at the beginning of the year of the logistics industry restructuring and revitalization plan, and received unprecedented attention not only the logistics industry, has brought more opportunities for the logistics market. On one hand, the construction of logistics information platform for rapid progress on the other, specialized in logistics and supply chain solutions also has been development, and cold chain logistics, dangerous chemical logistics, logistics and other specialized degrees and higher.
    "is worthy of attention, than expected development of China's logistics market in China, promote the supervision of logistics processes, and thus led to the construction of logistics information. "Dai Dingyi said State authorities are experts working on planning, which means China will accelerate the pace of progress of logistics information.
    participating in the industry have said that the ten key industries in the development of the logistics industry is lagging behind. For the industry as a whole, an effective management information system is to provide quality logistics services and powerful tools for business innovation.
    Shanghai Brocade information Vice President Wang Yi said, due to the lack of integrated service information system, the majority of logistic applications "Islands". China logistics industry should in the future according to the standardization, integration and precise, quantitative, intelligence and optimization requirements, build logistics management information system, and effectively integrate and optimize social resources, promoting the construction of logistics public information platform.
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