Road logistics development plan released

Washington (reporter Lin Naipeng correspondent Hu Cheng ye), yesterday afternoon the road, Wenzhou City logistics development planning through the review of the expert group. It is learned that the city will build based on logistics and Logistics Center as the backbone, distribution center is based, logistics site for additional logistics network system in rural areas. Key 1 to 2 provincial Logistics Park, 6 city-level logistics centers, and major counties (cities) to produce 1 to 2 public Logistics Center.
planning, city planning and construction in the near future panqiao Logistics Park, Ryan logistics park in the South, middle and long term planning and construction of logistics park in Yueqing, the dongtou logistics park. General layout of the City Logistics Center about 8, and demand appropriate increase or decrease.
at the same time, accelerate the development of modern enterprises, the enhancement of service supply. Recently, in road transport, stations and areas such as integrated, key supporting 7 municipal key logistics enterprises, the main County (City) key 1 and 2 County-level key logistics enterprises, efforts to increase international and domestic logistics enterprises to introduce.
has been actively promoting public logistics information system through 5 years, promotion of 5 to 10 logistics recommended standard operating software, improve logistics level, increases usage of logistics enterprise information system by 30%, all the key links of the city logistics use logistics logistics business information management system.
accelerate the layout of urban and rural logistics, build effective distribution system. Actively explore the new model of urban logistics distribution, construction of urban distribution network established in accordance with local practice, the local rural logistics operation mode, focus on farmers, agricultural production and rural industry of means of production and distribution.
it is reported that in 2008 the city social logistics volume reached US $ 44.36 billion yuan, demand factor of 2.5, 18.6% of the city's total GDP, services accounted for 41.8%.

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