Prohibited articles

1 definition, contraband
①, prohibited by the laws and administrative regulations on transportation of goods;

②, corrosive, or radioactive may endanger the means of transport, such as personal and property safety of cargo;

Thirdly, where explosive, flammable and other dangerous properties, in the process of transportation, storage, handling, certain conditions can cause explosions, burning, causing personal injury and property damage accidents such as inflammable.

2, and steam shipped/shipping/air shall not received shipped or entrainment dangerous goods and the items table
category (embargo)   embargo class goods name
guns ammunition apparatus class   weapons and parts, and various type of military guns, and civilian guns, and movement gun, and shotgun, and flare gun, and anesthesia injection gun, and simulation weapons, and bomb, and grenade, and bullet, and lighting play, and coach play, and smoke play, and explosives, and introduction letter, and detonators, and fuse and the other explosion items, and arson equipment
Control tool class   dagger, and triangular knife, and triangular blade, and semicircular blade, and invasion knife, and herein knife, and sheep bone knife, and Bowie, and spring knife, and single edged and the double edged knife (knife body eight cm above, with since lock device or non-folding type), and martial arts with knife (can open edged of), and martial arts with sword (can open edged of), and minority with of HID knife, and waist, and boots knife, and bow, and crossbow (notes: If cannot distinguish for what tool, is knife body over 25 cm of are not received shipped)
drug class   opium, and Morphine, and cannabis, and cocaine, and can stay for, and heroin, and shook his head water, and poppy, and demerol, and coca, and ice HIV, and k powder, and caffeine, and three h LUN, and Ann sodium Lady, and fluoride nitrate settled, and ergot b two Amine (LSD), and sleep ketone, and recovery Brown, and to West pan, and nasal sucking agent,
anesthesia drug class   opioid powder, and compound Kikyo bulk, and opioid tincture, and hydrochloride morphine injection, and hydrochloride b base morphine, and hydrochloride poppy alkali, and Foer can set and tablets, and hydrochloride cocaine, and full opioid pigment, and cannabis dip cream, and demerol injection, and Demerol tablets, and An Nong pain injection, and sildenafil Rafter acid fen too Nepal injection, and beauty bulk pain injection, and beauty bulk pain tablets, and tramadol,
high value class   all national currency (cash,), and securities, and forged of national currency and the securities, and gold, and silver, and gold, and precious heritage, and antique, and jewelry, and jade, and diamond,
embargo books and the audio   on China political, and economic, and culture, and moral harmful of, content involved national confidential, with violation "a China" Principles of all print and the photos; obscene, and superstition, and piracy class of print; gambling equipment and the apparatus (not including Poker, and mahjong, entertainment facilities), and discs, and tape, and videos,
tobacco and the flora and fauna fur class   tobacco, and cigarettes (10 article above, containing 10 article), and smuggling products, and bones (including has incineration of bones), and without nitrate business or drug business of skins beast bone, and body, and flora and fauna living, and without processing of animal fur
flammable easy burst items   alcohol, and Kerosene, and gasoline, and hydraulic brake oil, and dry ice, and butane, and camphor oil, and ink, and pine fuel-efficient, and nitroglycerin, and rosin oil, and banana water, and flammable paint, and matches, and with gas lighter, and hydraulic gas bottle (including empty bottle), and flash powder, and developer liquid, and carburetor cleaning agent, and polishing liquid, and diluted liquid, and nitrification fiber film, and metal potassium, and metal sodium, and metal magnesium, and firecrackers, and p powder, and days that water, and fire extinguisher, and dye, and all battery class goods, and lifesaving device, and titanium powder, and containing oil metal chip, and containing flora and fauna oil of oil cotton paper and products, and battery, and Sparking stone, and activity carbon, and has flammable easy burst logo of goods, and with text description of flammable easy burst goods, and met water met oxygen or reached must temperature will produced smoke, spontaneous combustion, explosion, strongly chemical reactions of items
chemical dangerous goods   oxidant, and glow agent, and had oxidation sodium, and had oxidation potassium, and ammonium nitrate, and had oxidation lead, and sulfite hydrogen sodium, and compression gas, and had oxygen acetic acid, and hydrogen peroxide, and biochemical items, and infectious items, and sulfuric acid, and nitric acid, and hydrochloride, and hydrogen oxidation potassium, and hydrogen oxidation sodium, and alkali, and Pesticide (neutral HIV and the above), and infectious bacteria, and biological medium, and with live disease original body of material, and from area of food, and medical waste, and chemical waste, and industrial waste, and vaccine, and blood products, and human organ,
radioactive items class   has ą, and beta, and gamma ray and neutron flow of goods and the metal, as radium, and uranium, and plutonium, and Actinium and nuclear items
shipping embargo Products   except contains above category outside, ban received shipped any liquid, milk-like, rubber-like, fluid class goods < BR/> air embargo Products   except contains above category outside, cannot received shipped perfume, and spray pesticides, and air fresh agent, all of liquid class, and durian, and coconut jerky, and car airbag, and gas fog agent, and bulb, and gas gas bottle, and pressure pump, and diving pump, and audio, and all battery class, and not continuous power, and all magnetic materials, and has anesthesia or poison, can caused flight personnel or driving personnel mood annoying dry or does not apply, effect right implementation flight task of items
divided by Shang standard out name goods outside, Overpack or freight charge sign contains the following goods are prohibited per se.

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